Use Of Brokerage Calculator

What Is A Brokerage Calculator?

Brokerage calculator is an instrument used by the investors or clients to calculate the brokerage fee on every particular segment that the client wants to trade in.

It is defined derivative of the brokerage fee that the client will be paying for the profit he/she makes. The profit is determined in terms of the difference between the buying and selling price of whatever stock or share that the client has chosen.

This calculator will not just calculate the brokerage fee, but also other charges levied by us, such as:

  • Turnover charges
  • Transaction charges
  • Stamp duty

This calculator consists of all the necessary requirements to be filled in by the client to arrive at the net profit or anticipated loss before making an investment.

1 Use Of Brokerage Calculator

As you can see the replica of the brokerage calculator, you can come to a clearer idea about how to determine your net profit or loss.

All the segments that we offer is available to choose from on the top of the calculator.

A simple example is done for you to know better, below:

2 Use Of Brokerage Calculator

Brokerage Savings Calculator

Know how much you save. This savings calculator is particularly created to prove our credible reliability and our trademark motto, which is to be the real discount broker to the entire trading community. An easy way to convey the comparison of the brokerage fee between other brokers and Tradeplus. Just like the regular brokerage calculator, you must fill in your details and let the application show you the drastic difference between us and other brokers.
The results will surprise you!

3 Use Of Brokerage Calculator

Let us calculate yearly savings if we invest in commodities:

Say your average trade volume per month – 20 Crores
Average number of trade per month – 100
Average number of lots traded per month – 50

For instance, Say the other brokers charge is Rs.20 per trade, Then your annual brokerage fee comes down to Rs.27,600. Whereas when you trade with Tradeplus, Your annual brokerage fee is Rs.1,366. So we can see that your yearly savings will come upto 95%.

You can check that even the other segments are beneficial compared to others in the above image.

Zero Brokerage Charges

Top discount broker among discount brokers. We uphold our vision in terms of providing our clientele with the lowest refundable brokerage fee and also by minimizing our transaction charges which serve as an absolute advantage for our clients. We outwardly help our clients open Demat account and trading account effortlessly.

Make use of the brokerage calculator to find out that we offer Zero brokerage fee amidst other top discount brokers.

These are few of the benefits offered at Tradeplus. We work in consideration of our clients building them a plausible and encouraging trading environment. Our sole motto is derived upon our clientele satisfaction.

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