Updates To Infini Power EXE Version

update in EXE Updates To Infini Power EXE Version

Dear Infini Power Users,

We have introduced a range of new updates to our flagship trading platform to provide you the flexibility to access all the information most relevant to you while trading. Lets check it in detail!

Simplified Order Form

The order form now comes with simple and small look. This helps you to place the order quickly while not missing out any of the order options viz., order type, product and complexity. The new order form looks like the one below. We have also provided the option to retain the old form if you do not want to change. You can set your order form by clicking Plus Option – Preference – Enable New Order form from the top of the Preference window.

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Enhanced Market by Price (MBP)

As an active trader, Market By Price (MBP) is the frequently used feature to check various statistics viz., total bids and ask, 52 week high and low, average traded price etc. To help you to be more swift, we provide you with the following updates to MBP window.

  • MBP default window is made small with hide/unhide option wherein you can set only the data that you follow to appear and hide other data that you do not check.
  • Total bids and ask are also presented in percentage to help you to grasp and make decisions quickly. The default window with total bids and asks looks like the below.

3 Updates To Infini Power EXE Version

7 Updates To Infini Power EXE Version

  • Keeping in mind the traders who are accustomed with pivot trading, pivot points are introduced in the MBP window as highlighted in the below screenshot.

6 Updates To Infini Power EXE Version

Holding Quantity in the Watchlist

We often forget our holding quantity. This is more true if we actively trade. To enable the traders to keep track of their holdings quantity with ease we have introduced an exotic feature to your watchlist wherein the quantity is displayed against the symbol of the scrip you hold. It looks like the below on the screen.

1 1 Updates To Infini Power EXE Version

Resistance and Support Levels

In addition to first and second level of resistance and support, third level of R&S is added to the R&S symbol watch window provided under “Tools”.

4 Updates To Infini Power EXE Version

Info panel in the chart

As you navigate through the chart, you would like to see the OHLC price on any particular day or on any particular candlestick bar. The info panel which shows the open high low close price can now be dragged and set at your convenient place for comfortable view.

8 Updates To Infini Power EXE Version

Customize Columns

Now you can customize the columns, drag and re-arrange as per your wish in Net position window, as well as in order book and view holdings window. This also gets saved automatically.

9 1 Updates To Infini Power EXE Version

Adding Index to Watchlist

While trading we would like to keep track of market and sectoral index. Now we have introduced the facility to add indices to your customized watch list.

5 Updates To Infini Power EXE Version


These changes will be made live on Monday,24th February’20.

Check out the Updates in Infini Web and Infini Mobile APP.

If you have not subscribed to INFINI POWER, contact 044-39189483 or email to [email protected]

Happy Trading

ITS Team

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