What Is A Subscription Management Portal?

Subscription management portal is the specialized portal for all clients of Tradeplus, offering exclusive online trading services. It was created in the aspect of personalizing clientele relationship with us and to promote the best trading software, INFINI Web, Power and Tradeplus Mobile app. Beginning with the unique broking code and password, Giving the trader a familiar and ease of an environment. SMP offers such a natural podium, cheering the traders with upgraded market watch.

SMP serves as a wallet. It is the complete guide to our clients to check their account status, subscription to activate base packs and value packs and earned credits.

SMP contains of all the essential informations. Subscriptions to base packs and value packs, credits, promo packs, account statements,T-pin, transfer/withdrawal of funds, referral benefits etc. It is the ultimate portal for the existing clients to know about their trading status and a lot more.


Subscribe/unsubscribe to base packs and value packs.
Change T-pin.
Check and view the unused promo packs.
Transfer and withdrawal of funds.
Check your account statements.
Check your Call N Trade charges.
Refer a friend and track their account opening status.


You can access SMP by logging into Tradeplus through back office login. From there you’ll be led to your client dashboard. To the left of the page, you can find SMP and click on it. This will direct you to the SMP dashboard.

Base Packs

Basically, Our base pack enables you to trade in Commodities, Equity future and options and Currency derivatives segments.

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Value Packs

Value packs are those added benefits specially designed for our clients. This consists of Call N trade, Research SMS, Trade confirmation SMS and INFINI Power.

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Secondly, The T-pin. It is a 4 digit Telephone Personal Identification Number to verify the authenticity of the customer to allow instant access to call & trade facility.
You can change it by clicking on the option Profile, at the top of the page. Click on the T-pin option to proceed with changing your T-pin.

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Promo Packs

Promo Packs are the value extended services added in consideration with the clientele. It is offered in the form of a trial for 15 days for you to experience the benefits. They become chargeable after your trial period gets over unless you cancel out your subscription. You can check your unused promo packs under the option profile.

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Transfer and withdrawal of funds

To operate these functions on SMP, click on the option Funds on the top of your client dashboard. Here you will have two options namely, Fund my SMP ledger and withdrawal from SMP ledger.
Click on either one of them to proceed with your operation.

Fund my ledger

As you can see, You can make your payments through Paytm, Debit/Credit card or swipe from your trading account balance. Also, you can use the promo coupons if they are applicable.

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Withdrawal from my SMP ledger.

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Fill in the required details to make a withdrawal from your SMP ledger. (Withdrawal charges apply)

Account Statement

Account Statement, can also be checked in your portal. To know the summary of your trading activities and transactions, click on ‘Statement’ option on top of the page to view the same.

You can also, check your Call n Trade charges under the same option.

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Referral Benefits

Finally, check your referral benefits on the same page by clicking on the option ‘Client Referral’ to refer any number of friends,to check the status report of the friends that you have referred and to know the credits that you have earned through referring number of friends to open an account with us.

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Here we have it, a complete guide about Subscription management portal. Enjoy unlimited appreciations with us, get busy trading!

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