A Step By Step Guide On How To Use Your NOW Trading Platform

Infini Trading Solutions 1 A Step By Step Guide On How To Use Your NOW Trading Platform

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National stock exchange of India (NSE) provides a software called NEAT ON WEB (NOW). This software directly connects to the exchange for orders and feeds. NOW has 3 versions for clients – EXE version, WEB version, and Mobile version.

Trade Plus uses all 3 versions of NOW for trading on Equity, Equity Derivatives and Currency on NSE and BSE exchange.

Steps to download the NOW desktop EXE

Step 1: Go to our website www.tradeplusonline.com and click Products > Trading

Step 2: Click Desktop platform

Step 3: Download the setup file

Step 4: After clicking the EXE the Install shield wizard opens. Click on Everyone and then Click “Next” twice

The new version will start initializing. It will be installed automatically and the maintenance complete window will appear in that click on the Close icon. now software download is completed (3rd image below)

Step 5: You have now downloaded and finished the installation of NOW trading software provided by NSE. Use the credentials provided to you in mail to log in.

(or) Download web app / Download mobile app directly from this page

Logging in to NOW

  1. Click on the NOW icon on your desktop
  2. Now launcher window appears, click on ‘Start Now’
  3. On the log in window, give your username and click on ‘GO’. Select authentication picture and give your password.
  4. Answer the 2-factor authentication questions you have recorded answers for earlier on your first login. on successful login you will see the now trading window

Set up Market watch on NOW

Custom Market watch

Firstly choose a segment from the drop down which has NFO, CSD and NSE options. Next select the scrip you would like to add to your market watch from the symbol drop down. Hit enter and the scrip gets added to your market watch.

Predefined Market Watch

NOW provides certain predefined market watch lists based on the index for traders to monitor all scrips belonging to an index. You can add these to separate market watch lists by clicking on ‘Market’ menu option and selecting a Predefined market watch. This will give you a submenu of the available market watch lists. Select one and a new tab opens populating the market watch with all the scrips in the predefined list.

Re position Columns

On your market watch, right click on the header and select re-position columns option to open a window to edit the columns you want to see on your market watch.

Place Buy/Sell orders

On the toolbar you will find icons for a buy order form (F1) and sell order form (F2), you need to select a scrip and then open one of the two forms. You essentially need to give values for segment, order type, product type, price, and quantity. Rest of the fields you see are pre-populated.

Order Type:

This drop-down lets you choose from Limit, Market and SL

Limit order:

A limit order lets you place an order o buy/sell at a specified price. A limit order to buy can only be executed at the specified limit price or lower. Conversely, A limit order to sell will be executed at the specified limit price or higher.


A market order is a buy/sell order to be executed immediately at current market prices.

Stop Loss Limit:

This is an order placed to sell a security when it reaches a certain price called trigger price. A stop-loss order is designed to limit an investor’s loss on a position in a security. In this, you need to give both limit price and trigger price.

Product type:

This drop-down lets you select from the products we offer- NRML, MIS, CNC.


(Margin intra-day square off) applies to all intra-day positions you take while trading Equities (cash)/Equity Derivatives/Commodities and currency derivative. If you do not square off the positions taken under MIS on the same day, the system will automatically square off the same 30 min before the closing of market hours.


(Cash and Carry) It is applicable only while trading equity (cash) for delivery. No leverage is given under this product.


(Normal Product) It is applicable while trading Equities (cash)/Equity Derivatives/Commodities and currency derivative.

Other orders:

You can place other than simple buy/ sell orders by clicking on the menu item ‘orders and trades’ and select AMO or CO from the options available

After Marker Order:

This order allows you to place an order for stocks beyond market hours. The orders get queued up and sent out once the markets open the following day

Cover Order:

A Cover Order is a market or limit order that is placed along with a Stop Loss Order. In a Cover Order the buy/sell order is always accompanied with a compulsory Stop Loss order, in a specified range as pre-defined by the system. These orders give you higher leverage by ensuring that you place a stop loss. This is beneficial only for intra-day trades. Generally, the cover orders give you more leverage than MIS (intraday product type and you require up to 50% less margin for trading.

Order Form:

After you have placed your oders you can find the placed orders in order form which can be accessed by using the shortcut key F3

Check Limits

You can check your limits by selecting the menu item ‘ surveillance’ then ‘RMS Limits’ and then ‘View Limits’. This will open a new RMS window where you can see all the details including cash margin, utilized and non utilized margins.

Other Shortcut Keys:

  • F8 to see your tradebook
  • F11 to see admin positions
  • F3 for order book
  • F10 to logout

Hope this article gives you basic knowledge on how to use NOW software to do trading. In case of queries click here to refer to our FAQ on this topic.

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