Now trade in Commodity, Equity and Currency under a single entity

Further to our update dated 13/9/2018 with respect to the transfer of membership of commodity derivative business from M/s. Navia Commodities Broker P Limited(Transferor) to M/s. Navia Markets Limited(Transferee) we would like to inform that all client accounts and their positions as of 28thSeptember 2018 have been transferred to M/s. Navia Markets Ltd.

Following are few points to be noted in this regard:

•  There is no change in your 8 digit Unique Client Code.

•  All commodity ledger balances as of 28th September 2018 have been transferred to Navia Markets Ltd (Transferee Company) including margins if any.

•  A new segment for MCX has been created to see all ledger transactions post the transfer. You can continue to see ledger transaction prior to the transfer separately

•  All existing Open positions as of 28th September 2018 have been transferred to Navia Markets Ltd (the Transferee Company)

•  Running Account Settlement will be effected with maximum retainable balance of Rs.10,000/- as per the chosen periodicity (monthly / quarterly) at the time of account opening.

•  There is no change in the terms and conditions / policies and procedures  published in our portal

•  There is no change in brokerage scheme opted by you.

•  Margins and Limits and RMS policies governing commodities trading will remain the same.

Benefits to you:

•  You can now provide security collateral for commodity trading

•  You can move funds between the segments  (Commodity and Equity/Currency) vide an email. Hence there is no necessity to take payout from Commodities segment and make payin to Equity/Currency segment and vice versa.

•  If there is any short fall in the margin, funds can be moved between the segments

•  Very soon you will also be able to use your equity/currency margins for commodities and vice versa in the Front End System (Trading System). More on this will follow soon.

It has been our endeavour to ensure that this transition is done without absolutely any inconvenience to you. Feel free to email [email protected] for any clarification in this regard.


Tradeplus Team

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