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INFINI Trading Solutions

To be on point, INFINI is the trading software introduced in both EXE. and HTML5 formats to make trading with us much more easy and effortless. This specialized product is integrated with all the exchanges like, NSE, BSE and MCX. And it also, combines technology and trading insights presenting the traders with enhanced, features enriched and multi-functional trading platform. With this software, you are enabled to trade in all segments including commodity trading.

The INFINI Trading Software comes in a package and is categorized in 3 forms, namely:

The reason behind inventing this awesome trading software is to offer our clients, only the best and updated platform filled with rich and intuitive features. Advanced technical analysis together with live scanners that presents technical reports by end of the day.

Commodity Trading

Commodity trading (non agri) made extensively simple with this software where you can make use of the margin calculator to check current per lot prices and derive trading decisions.

Equity Trading

Equity trading made casual at Tradeplus. We offer affordable and lowest brokerage for every segment that you wish to trade in. Our vision is the basic principle that we follow, which is to be real discount brokers benefiting the entire trading community. We planned this scheme in order to reduce transaction charges to the least minimum.

With the incredible charting system consisting of predefined market watchlists provides the trader with patterns of market behavior. Through which the trader can keep track of the fluctuations that recur throughout the day. Infini trading software on the whole focuses on all the platforms integrated with Tradeplus.

Charting Benefits On INFINI Web

Charting system was invented to graphically analyze the market for a well-informed and practical approach towards trading. Because, nobody can afford to lose their investments due to lack of trading insights and basic knowledge about the unpredictable market. The charting system benefits the traders by providing them with behavioral patterns and updated data configuration to trade better and smarter.

We have 3 types of charts currently in use, namely

  • Candle stick
  • Line charts
  • Super Trend Line

On INFINI Web, you can open upto 20 predefined charts indicating market watchlists, based on your preferences. You can create customized watchlists according to your favorable shares and personally interested stocks. In addition, 10 predefined sectorial charts or watch lists are available on all indices across NSE, BSE and MCX. With the number of charting options available, traders can choose any one of them based on their interest and other influencing factors which will provide them with accurate stock analysis.

Few Of Our Charting Benefits Include

  • Intuitive charts designed with updated trends to cope up with the current market trends.
  • Commodity trading efficiently handled through predefined and sectorial charts
  • Educating traders with behavioral patterns and stock analysis.
  • Future and options chain on web and EXE platforms was pioneered at Tradeplus.
  • Analytic dashboard and on screen projection.
  • On screen live scrip statistics and workspace configuration are extra features enabled for traders to trade seamlessly with less prone risk factor.

Out of all the offers and benefits offered at Tradeplus, INFINI TRADING SOLUTIONS, the ultimate software is why you place your bet on us. As we have launched it only by the hopes of creating smarter traders. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.


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