Fresh new look and user experience on Funds Payin plus UPI payment introduced

You can add funds to your account using the payment gateways (PG) provided along with the trading software. The NOW software from NSE comes bundled with a Payment gateway from BILL DESK while the ITS software provided by Tradeplus and Thomson Reuters comes bundled with a payment gateway from ATOM. Making your funds payin by logging into the trading software and using the Payment gateway is the fastest way to ensure that your trading limits are enhanced instantaneously.

But what if my registered banks are not available on BILL DESK payment gateway linked to NOW trading software?

If your bank is not available on Bill desk PG but available on ATOM PG then you can use the ATOM PG linked to our web portal to make the transfer to your trading account. Your limits in NOW trading software would be enhanced in 5 to 10 min.

What if my registered banks are not available on ATOM payment gateway?

Well, this is where our innovation kicks in. We have introduced the UPI option to transfer money to your trading account from our web portal. UPI is a convenient way to transfer money and available 24/7/365.  Using UPI you do not have to register our bank details in your bank account like you have to do for NEFT and IMPS. To encourage you to use the UPI option we are offering the same free of cost till 31st December 2018. The UPI option can be used to transfer money to NOW or ITS trading system. Your limits in the trading software would be enhanced in 5 to 10 min.

Our fresh look funds pay-in page on our web portal is designed to maneuver you to the fund transfer options that best suit you depending on the criterion mentioned above.

Do email for any clarification.

Cheers, Tradeplus Team

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