Best Online Tool For Intraday Traders

Online Trading in general, is a complicated activity. Because it depends on the uncertainty of the prevailing yet  fluctuating market. In this unsure market conditions, smart and experienced traders wish that there was some new tool to analyze the unpredictable profits and losses of the share market.

AHA! Comes to your aid. Based on your intraday trading history, Aha, analyzes your activities and presents the insightful graphics and no nonsense information that you can use to trade better. It gives you the eureka moment where you realize what trading is all about.

How does AHA! Work?

AHA, is an analytic tool specially designed for intraday traders. Based on all your trading activity, Aha analyzes and interprets your risk profile empowering you to trade better and help prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

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You might always be careful, with every step you take and every decision you make while buying and selling of shares or stocks. Yet, you can never be careful enough in the trading world. Simply because of the ever-changing market. So, it is always better and wise to be extra alert.

The image above represents the work of Aha! Tool based on your turnover and profitability ratio stating which day of the week provides greater yields. As you can see, profit based on your turnover, MIS orders placed and best day for intraday trading will be depicted in the tool.

Benefits of Aha!

  • Specialized for intraday traders providing useful trading insights.
  • Very informative and no nonsense influenced tool.
  • Choose the best and profitable day from any time range,For example from dec,27th, 2017 till jan,27th, 2018 to trade in, Using analysis based on behavioral patterns.
  • Trading history data represented in graphical terms for better understanding and easy planning for future.
  • It is time based. You can choose the period of time that you wish to calculate your analysis to know the risk factor, to make better decisions the next time you trade.

Enjoy the next level trading with AHA! The awesome analytic tool. But this is only phase 1. This is a gateway for revolutionary trading patterns that energize you to be patient yet skillful trader.

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