Refreshing Tradeplus Mobile Trading App – Updated Version

Tradeplus has now updated its mobile trading platform. In order to resolve all the previous hassles faced by all, we have come up with extraordinary updates with great trading services in mobile App itself. You can now trade using your mobile App.

Tradeplus Mobile App has the following exclusive features

  • Intuitive and simplistic mobile trading platform that does not compromise on features or speed of execution.
  • On-screen Trading and Analytics dashboard.
  • Integrated with all exchanges- NSE, BSE, and MCX
  • Global search option to search and add securities to market watch quickly
  • A separate predefined index watch for NSE and BSE
  • Common Watchlist between different trading platforms such as EXE, WEB, and MOBILE.
  • On screen and Live scrip statistics, resistance and support levels, intra-day price snapshot
  • Advanced analytics with Live Scanners
  • Quick BUY/SELL/EDIT/CANCEL order options.
  • Easy product conversion
  • Easy position square off and conversion options.
  • Sell your Depository stocks in 1 touch
  • Place market orders, limit Orders, Stop loss limit/market orders, GTD orders and After Market Orders.
  • Place cover orders with limit price and market price

One Touch Backoffice

We provide One-touch access to ledger balances, ledger statements, DP holdings, open positions, DP bill, Accrued interest and Profile view. Tradeplus Mobile App gives secure and instant access to your back office giving you the most important details in under 2 seconds. All of this comes with a single login for all your linked accounts.

One Touch Back office 576x1024 Refreshing Tradeplus Mobile Trading App   Updated Version

Instant Funds Transfer

With Instant funds transfer, you can now get the full advantages with Tradeplus to make your payments faster. With over 23 registered banks, your fund’s transfer process is seamless and instant. You can also request for payouts and get real-time updates.

Instant fund transfer Refreshing Tradeplus Mobile Trading App   Updated Version


Simplified Investment Process

Subscribe to IPO’s, Mutual Funds and Bonds quickly and easily. We ensure that your process is smooth and hassle free. Mutual Funds applications are optimized for mobile to provide you the fastest method possible.

Mutual Funds Go Direct

Invest in Mutual funds in Direct mode and increase your returns by1% per year on your investments. Save 50%-70% on Expense Ratio by investing in Direct mode rather than regular mode.

Mutual Funds Go Direct Refreshing Tradeplus Mobile Trading App   Updated Version



Subscribe to IPOs, NFOs, and Bonds quickly and easily. You can also view the details of your previous subscriptions from now.

IPONROBonds 576x1024 Refreshing Tradeplus Mobile Trading App   Updated Version


All New And Latest SMP Experience

Subscribe to base packs and value packs via SMP on mobile. You can use Paytm and other modes of fund transfers and enjoy a whole new way of mobile transactions through SMP. Track your referral rewards via SMP faster. We ensure full transparency so that you are aware every step of the way. You can now view and modify your TPIN for Call N Trade.

All New SMP Experience 576x1024 Refreshing Tradeplus Mobile Trading App   Updated Version


Instant Customer Support

Over 250 solutions and support videos are available to answer your pressing queries. No need to send long emails anymore. This is the best solution for fast response times.

Instant Customer Support 576x1024 Refreshing Tradeplus Mobile Trading App   Updated Version


Enhanced Support Tool

Maximize the performance of our trading support tools like Aha! and AMS. With AMS you can view your current alerts, modify them and subscribe to newer alerts. With Aha! Awesome Analytics you can view your intraday trade patterns and get insights about how to optimize your trading for better returns.

Enchanced Support Tools 576x1024 Refreshing Tradeplus Mobile Trading App   Updated Version


Insightful Blog Articles

Get Easy Access to our insightful blog articles and market commentary reports optimized for mobile viewing. You can also share your comments via Facebook and Twitter and be part of a wonderful idea sharing environment. You can easily access our Nreach blog articles on market events and be well known about the trading techniques and updates.

Insightful Blog articles 576x1024 Refreshing Tradeplus Mobile Trading App   Updated Version


You can now download and install the App through Google Play Store or IOS App store. Feel free to rate the app give a review once you use the updated version of our mobile App. If you come across any queries while using the App you can email to or connect with our support team.

For opening an account with Tradeplus you can call 1800-425-75757 or email to



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