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In today’s fast paced world, all of us are required to be multi tasking. We have multiple responsibilities to handle in a single day. Squeezing time between our various activities to study and keep track of stock prices can be a daunting task. To solve this Tradeplus has now launched a new system called Alerts Management System (AMS). You can now just sit back, relax, go about your routine and still have all your stock related information delivered to you on your finger tips. With this you can be sure of not losing your profits just because you did not keep track of the price of your stocks.

How Is AMS Useful To Me?

Our Alert management system helps you keep track of your stock prices and keeps you informed on events which might affect the stock prices even on your busy days. It helps you set alerts on the stocks of your choice to help you take critical investment / trading decisions. The conditions that can be set for alerts in AMS are both fundamental and technical. For example you can receive an alert when the PE of the stock reaches your desired level or when the price of stock moves above the 200 Day simple moving averages. So both technical and fundamental alert conditions can be set.

How To Set Alerts Using AMS?

In order to set up these notifications all you have to do is login to the client dashboard on our website and click on AMS. This AMS is also available on TRADEPLUS MOBILE App which is available, both in Android and IOS devices. It’s very easy to set an alert and this can be done in a few steps .You can search and select a stock from the dropdown. You can set price based alerts and Event based alerts.

What Kind Of Alerts Can Be Set?

On an overall you can set up two kinds of alerts. Price based alerts and Event based alerts. Price based alerts focuses on price movements. Whereas event based alerts focuses on news/corporate actions of a company.

Price Based Alerts Can Be Set On Price Movements Like

  • Close Price Less than or above 200 SMA
  • Close Price Less than or above 52 week high
  • Close Price Less than or above a preset price
  • Close Price Close to % near all time High or all time Low
  • 1 day Price Movement greater than or less than a predefined condition
  • Price Less than or above 50 day SMA and 100 day SMA and 200 SMA
  • PE multiple Greater than or less than a predefined level

Event Based Alerts Can Be Based On News/Corporate Actions In A Company.

Few Such Alerts Are:

  • Alert on Bonus announcement
  • Alert on Dividend announcement
  • Alerts on Rights
  • Alerts on Splits
  • Alert on Merger
  • Alert on Demerger
  • Alert of significant news being available for the stock

All alerts which are set and saved will be monitored by the end of day and if the alert conditions are met then SMS will be triggered to your registered mobile numbers. These alerts inform you about the alert conditions that has been met. If you want the alerts to be repeated, then there is a repeat check box feature which repeatedly triggers alerts on different days based on the conditions met.

Where Do I Check My Placed Alerts?

The “My Alerts” page gives a complete history of all alerts that you have set and their current status.  Overall of 3 basic alerts status can be viewed here.

  • Active – When you set an alert, by default the status will be active.
  • Active & Executed – When the alert gets executed the status of the alert will be changed to executed.
  • Repeat Alert – If you have set the alert as a repeat alert then the status will change to active and executed.

You can also modify or delete alerts that have been set and even executed. There is also another option called suspend alerts. This can be used if you do not want to delete the alert but temporarily want to suspend the alert from being tracked. If you suspend an alert, the given alert will no more be active.

What Are The SMS Credits Necessary For Receiving Alerts?

Each SMS credit is worth Rs. 2 only. You can buy credits from your SMP ledger, swipe money from your trading account, or do fund transfer. Minimum 5 credits need to be bought at a time.If you are activating AMS for the first time then you get 5 free SMS credits.Once the free credits are exhausted you can choose to buy further SMS credits.

The concurrent alert counter tells you the maximum number of active alerts that you can set at a time. By default you can set 5 active alerts at any point of time. Number of concurrent alerts you set depends upon the number of available credits. If the number of available credits is less than 100 you can set up to 5 concurrent alerts and if the number of available credits is more 100 you can set up to 20 concurrent alerts.

For instance if you have 10 Credits , 5 concurrent Alerts can be set. Meaning, 5 alerts can be active at the same time. Note that there is no subscription cost for using this AMS system. We only charge for the SMS being sent to you by the system when an alert gets triggered. A nominal fee of Rs.2/- is collected on per SMS alert basis.

To understand more in detail you can check out the FAQ’s of AMS. So what are you waiting for! You can get started for FREE by using our 5 free SMS credits when you login. Use our AMS to never lose out on the market opportunities again.

We at Tradeplus are not just keen in offering the Lowest Brokerage in the Industry but we are also keen on empowering our clients with tools that help them make well informed Trading decisions.


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