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Government increases MSP. What could be its impact on Inflation and how is this expected to be handled?

When the government increased the MSP on Kharif crops in the Union Budget to 150% of the production cost, which was the right step towards doubling of farmer incomes by 2022 as promised by the current government. However, the farmer issues refused to die down leading to a major farmer agitation in early September. With

Is market in a bear phase?

Is this the beginning of bearish phase!? Nifty corrected 13.25% from an all time high of 11760.20 on August 28, 2018 to 10199.20 on October 08, 2018.  Sensex corrected 12.71% to 34032.25 from a high of 38989.65 on August 29, 2018.    All started on August 13, when the rupee breached the level of 70 against