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Option vs Stock. Which one should you buy?

Well, it depends upon the buyer’s need. If the buyer wants to make use of short-term movement in the stock that he expects, he may go for options. Options are the cheapest and safest mode of buying the right to buy or even sell a stock (not the actual stock itself). Let’s see both scenarios

What special benefits do NRIs get at Tradeplus?

There are plenty of benefits extended to NRI clients at Tradeplus when they trade in NRO mode. They are No PIS bank account is required to trade Get Exposure and leverage Facility to execute BTST (Buy Today and Sell Tomorrow) and Intraday Trades Facility to buy in NSE with stock collateral and hold it for

Relaunching Of NRI Services At Tradeplus

Dear NRI, PIO, OCI investors, Through the blog post below we endeavor to bring your attention to our ever reliable NRI services. We were one of the very few Stock Brokers in India to provide NRI Trading facility through an Online Trading platform in the year 2000. We are now re-launching our NRI Services through