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Why are FPIs crying foul of the SEBI April circular?

In the last few weeks, till the time SEBI gave a clarification, the hottest topic of discussion in the market was the SEBI April circular which put restrictions on Non resident Indians and Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs) from having beneficial ownership of FPIs. As we are aware, there are 3 categories of FPIs in India.

What special benefits do NRIs get at Tradeplus?

There are plenty of benefits extended to NRI clients at Tradeplus when they trade in NRO mode. They are No PIS bank account is required to trade Get Exposure and leverage Facility to execute BTST (Buy Today and Sell Tomorrow) and Intraday Trades Facility to buy in NSE with stock collateral and hold it for

All You Need To Know About Bonus Stripping

What is bonus Stripping? Bonus stripping is an option available for Investors to incur short-term capital loss legally to plan tax obligations. When does this opportunity arise? When a company announces bonus How does it work ? Let’s take the example of Bharat Forge which announced a bonus of 1:1 with September 30, 2017 as

Relaunching Of NRI Services At Tradeplus

Dear NRI, PIO, OCI investors, Through the blog post below we endeavor to bring your attention to our ever reliable NRI services. We were one of the very few Stock Brokers in India to provide NRI Trading facility through an Online Trading platform in the year 2000. We are now re-launching our NRI Services through

Acounts to be Opened For an NRI to Invest

NRI Account Opening Procedure The following are the accounts to be opened for an NRI to invest in India. Step 1: Trading account: This account enables one to buy/sell stocks Step 2: Demat account: This is the account where the shares you bought will be credited and shares you sold will be debited. Step 3: PIS Account –

NRE & NRO Demat Account Opening Process

Accounts that are to be opened 01. NRI savings account (With XXX Bank ) 02. NRI PIS / NON – PIS account (With XXX Bank ) 03. Trade account (With Tradeplus) 04. Demat account (With Tradeplus) Account Opening process: 1) To obtain PAN card: PAN card is a mandatory document to open share trade and demat account.No worries