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Should you invest in Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP)?

Open any mutual fund website or the MF NAV page of the newspaper and you are likely to be grabbing attention towards a product called fixed maturity plans (FMPs). What exactly are these plans and how do they fit into your investment scheme of things. A Fixed Maturity Plan (FMP) is a closed-ended fund that

Can NRIs residing in US invest in mutual funds in India?

At the outset, one needs to be clear that there is no difference between NRIs from US/Canada investing in India and for NRIs from other countries investing in India. The only difference is the fairly elaborate compliance requirements under FATCA or Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Fund houses stopped taking investments from the USA and

Why hybrid funds? Which are the best ones?

Normally the term hybrid fund is used quite loosely. As the name suggests, hybrid means a combination. In the context of mutual funds, it is a combination of ‘Equity and Debt’. According to the latest SEBI categorization of mutual funds, under the category of hybrids, there are 4 broad sub-sets: Equity Balanced Funds (more than