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Updates to Infini Web

Dear Infini Web Users, We present to you a new set of updates that have been done to the Infini Web. This time round the updates is in the order form and market breadth. These changes have been done based on the popular feedback received from the users. Bracket Order Form The “Buy” and “Sell”

Updates to Infini Mobile App

Dear Infini Mobile Users, Here are few new updates to INFINI Mobile App in the market breadth and position windows. These changes have been done based on the popular feedback received from the users. Market Breadth We have introduced “Total Bids” and “Total Ask” in percentages in addition to absolute figures. This feature will help

Infini Power Update

Dear Infini Power Users, We are making INFINI Power , our EXE based online trading platform more and more interesting. Here are some of the new features added in Infini Power. Live scanner for your watch list We have introduced the live scanner feature for your watch list too.  Now with this feature you can

Updates To Infini Power

Dear Infini Power Users, This month we have focused on your comfort and simplified Infini Power further to provide more convenience for you. And we have also fixed some bugs. Here is the overview of what we have done! Highligting the MTM values For clear and instant visibility, MTM values in Net position will be

Updates To Infini Web

  Dear Infini Web Users, We’ve introduced a range of new features to Infini Web as well. Value added tools such as margin calculator and much more. The list goes like this! Margin calculator We have added a new menu “Margin Calculator” and linked it to the margin calculator available in our website tradeplusonline.com. This

Updates to INFINI WEB

Dear INFINI WEB users, Keeping in mind a better and safe trading experience to clients we have made some things better in INFINI WEB. Along with some bugs fixed we have made the following changes for the comfort of the users. Order form size is reduced The size of the order form is reduced to