With the growth of Technology, Cyber Crimes too have grown. These crimes aim at stealing your sensitive information and comes in various forms. It is important to be aware of such fraudulent acts and stay alert to protect yourself. How these Frauds occur? Smishing • A practice of sending Text Messages or MMS (Multi Media Messages) purporting

Daily Market News

  The big question in the global technology market is whether Bytedance, the owner of the Tik Tok brand will allow Microsoft to take over its US business. Satya Nadella has hinted at a payment in excess of $40 billion for the US business of Tik Tok. That would be top dollar since Bytedance has

Daily Market News – Aug 4th

  Wockhardt has struck a deal to supply millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the United Kingdom. This will also include the vaccine developed jointly by AstraZeneca and Oxford. UK has gone aggressively to secure vaccine supplies. The UK government has also reserved 1 fill-and-finish production line at Wockhardt subsidiary in Wales for this

Weekly Capsule (Jul 27 – Jul 31)

News Announcement Impact Analysis Core sector output for the month of Jun-20 shrinks by (-15%) There has certainly been an improvement with the contraction abating in the last three months Like in May, seven core sectors reported contraction in June with only fertilizers reporting positive growth June mutual fund inflows up almost four-fold at Rs.700