Dual Workspace On INFINI Web

We are extremely excited to talk about our leading-edge workspaces available on INFINI WEB trading platform. Infini Web offers easy to use single screen web based platform for trading in Equity, F&O , Currency & Commodities segments across 3 exchanges, viz, NSE, BSE and MCX. We offer more than one workspace that can be used based on your liking and it gives you the freedom to choose your trading screen layout with just a button click switch.

We let have users, two cool workspaces that gives a customized online trading experience. These are designed keeping in mind different traders who prefer their trading space to be according to their needs.

Comprehensive Workspace

We offer clients a complete workspace with various analysis sections such as scrip market watch, index market watch, trade book, order book, holdings, positions, scrip chart, scrip statistics, RS levels, Index chart, all in one screen.

You can add scrips to any one of the 5 market watchlists, add indices to index watchlist, select a scrip and look at the chart, scrip statistics and RS level for the the scrip then analyse, buy and find your order in order book, after the order is processed, you can find the stock in your holdings. This workspace is suitable for clients who would like to view all the data in a single screen without needing to click on buttons.

image001 1024x494 Dual Workspace On INFINI Web

Chart and Trade Workspace

This workspaces is designed in chart and trade theme that gives users an entirely new experience with the platform. This HTML 5 based  online trading space is rich in features and does not compromise on functionality.

Advanced charting facility is integral to this new workspace and is specially designed for traders who trade based on charting analysis.

Users can click on a scrip they are interested in and immediately the chart on the right hand side of the scree will get updated accordingly. There are various charting options that can be chosen by users to suit their level of understanding.

The new workspace clears out all the other data and highlights just the powerful charting functionality that is with INFINI Web. Our Best in class charting platform offers more than 100 indicators , 13 different chart types, 6 different time scales to choose from.

On the new workspace you will find predominantly the market watch list on one side of the single screen trading platform and charting on the other side. This will provide a clear view of charts, for users who depend on charting tools for trading in stocks.

Charts come with various custom options to change charting scales, charting intervals, chart styles, drawing tools and chart themes.

Access indicators/studies, volume profile chart, Multiple chart pop out, scrip compare all in this platform that offers powerful charting functionality.

image003 1024x495 Dual Workspace On INFINI Web

By default, the comprehensive workspace is displayed to the user on login. To switch to another workspace all you have to do is click on the button on the top ribbon on the platform. (Refer to the screenshot below)

image005 1 1024x492 Dual Workspace On INFINI Web

You can switch to the default workspace anytime by clicking on the same button.

These two workspaces will serve all kinds of traders and gives a rich and comfortable trading experience like no where else.

We sincerely think this will be of great help for our clients on INFINI Web.

Click here for our dedicated help portal on using INFINI Web.

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