What is SIP and Why should you start investing in SIP plans?

SIP investment is the buzz word that you keep hearing all time these days. Many investors often get confused how SIP plans actually work and what is the benefit of investing in SIP plans.

A SIP is a systematic investment plan that allows you to invest a little amount of money over a period of time.To put it simple SIPs are periodic investment plans that help you multiply your wealth and achieve your long-term goals.

Traditional SIPs require you to sign up ECS or NACH mandate so that these periodical investment amounts can be debited from your bank account. It is a very tedious process as it requires one mandate for every fund house.

On the Infini Mutual Fund platform you can buy best SIP plans online with ease.You can start as many SIP’s as you want with a click of a button without having to sign any mandate forms.

SIP 4 What is SIP and Why should you start investing in SIP plans?

You can start your SIP investment in two quick steps.

1) Add funds to your Tradeplus trading account.

2) Set your SIP date, frequency, amount and click buy. Your SIP order will be placed.

It’s as easy as that! This information will be processed by the system immediately. Your order will be processed when your SIP date falls due.

SIP orders will be processed on the basis of the frequency opted by the investor while placing the order. Find the options below


Processing Details


Order processed every 7 days
15daysOrder processed every 15 days
MonthlyOrder processed every 30 days
QuarterlyOrder processed every 90 days

Order processed as per the date and amount of investment opted. This is a unique order type wherein each SIP installment can be with different investment amount and on different dates within a period of 3 months.

Flexi SIP

The SIP Flexi plan is a unique scheme designed by Tradeplus to provide investors with the flexibility and convenience to choose any desired frequency to invest without sticking to the predefined frequencies.

The Flexi plan allows an investor to choose each SIP installment with a different investment amount on different dates within a period of 3 months. The order gets placed according to the details provided by the investor, giving the investor utmost flexibility with the SIP investment.

flexi 283x300 What is SIP and Why should you start investing in SIP plans?

SIP Profit calculator

Want to calculate how much you would earn with a selected SIP before placing an order?

Our SIP Profit calculator can help you calculate the profit of investing in a SIP plan.

When you select a fund and go to the fund’s page, it gives a calculated graph for the investment amount and period of investment given by you.

Our SIP Profit Calculator calculates the returns on your investment. It also provides a graph to aid comparison of fund’s performance over the period of time selected by you.

Untitled 300x142 What is SIP and Why should you start investing in SIP plans?

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