Introducing INFINI MF – Our New Online Mutual Fund Platform

We are happy to announce the launch of our New Online Mutual fund platform!

INFINI MF provides you the comfort of anytime, anywhere online mutual fund investment which is completely paperless and demat only.Our new Online Mutual fund platform empowers you to buy best mutual funds or start a SIP in 2 quick steps.Fund your trading account and start investing in mutual funds instantly.We extend our mutual fund services to NRI people as wells.

We all know that mutual fund investments can be made in two modes, Direct and Non- direct (regular) modes. In Regular Plan the Mutual Fund Company pays your broker/distributor a hidden percentage of commission every quarter. This commission is paid out of your investments.But when you invest through Direct Plan, you get to save 50% to 70% on Expense Ratio, thus increasing your returns on MF investments by over 1% p.a.

We at Tradeplus wanted our customers to get benefitted from this wonderful investment opportunity and created an exclusive platform for mutual fund investors which provides access to virtually any of the thousands of mutual funds available in the marketplace.

Here’s a peek at our new INFINI MF platform

  • NRI Mutual Fund Investment: INFINI MF is one of the very few platforms that offers NRI, OCI, and POI Mutual fund Investment.
  • Top Performing Mutual funds: Investors can choose and buy from the list of top 20 best performing mutual funds.This list is maintained separately for direct and non-direct funds.
  • Dedicated Funds Page: The Funds page dedicated to each fund provides historical performance data of the fund and allows you to make a decision to buy as a one-time investment(lumpsum) or as a SIP (systematic investment plan).2 Introducing INFINI MF – Our New Online Mutual Fund Platform
  • Invest in Direct Mutual funds in equity, debt and hybrid categories.
  • Flexi SIP: Flexi SIP allows you to start, stop or modify your SIP investment at any time you want.
  • Conditional orders: Conditional order is a unique order that lets an investor buy/redeem particular fund when the NAV of the fund reaches the desired value.
  • Direct Mutual fund Profit calculator: It allows you to determine how much savings you would have made investing in the Direct mode of Mutual fund over Regular mode.

Profit calculator Introducing INFINI MF – Our New Online Mutual Fund Platform

  • NAV performance history: You can place purchase or redemption order based on based on NAV of the mutual funds.
  • Switch calculator: You can use Switch calculator to make a decision to switch to Direct Mutual Fund investments
  • My Watch: Add funds to your watch-list to monitor them before you decide to invest.


5 Introducing INFINI MF – Our New Online Mutual Fund Platform



You can enjoy FREE investments up to Rs.25000/-.  A flat fee of 50/- per month is applicable thereafter.

We are able to work at such thin margins because don’t spend much on advertising.We at Tradeplus strongly believe that our customer is the king and they would help us build a strong customer base. Do reach out to your friends and family and help them stop losing their hard earned money paying commissions on mutual fund investments.You get 20% off on monthly subscription for every friend referred!

So why wait, call us now at o44-39189467 or Fill the form below to get a callback.If you already our client click here to login and start investing direct mutual funds.

Happy Investing!

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