Updates to INFINI WEB

Updates to INFINI WEB blog image Updates to INFINI WEB

Dear INFINI WEB users,

Keeping in mind a better and safe trading experience to clients we have made some things better in INFINI WEB. Along with some bugs fixed we have made the following changes for the comfort of the users.

Order form size is reduced

The size of the order form is reduced to give a comfortable view for the clients.

Order Form Size Updates to INFINI WEB

Change password

As a step towards providing more security to Tradeplus Trading platform, a warning message will be popped up if the client creates a password that was used already in last three instances. And it prompts the user to create a unique password until which it does not allow the user to change the password.

Change Password Updates to INFINI WEB

Pop up messages

With a view to provide value added service and to keep Tradeplus Infini WEB users abreast with our various products and services, facility to receive pop up message is enabled.

pop msg Updates to INFINI WEB

If you have not subscribed to INFINI POWER contact 044-39189483
email to infini@tradeplusonline.com.

Training video on Tardeplus Infini Power trading platform

Happy Trading

ITS Team

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