Infini Power updation March 2019 Updates to INFINI POWER

Dear INFINI POWER users,

We are always delighted in doing something NEW. Among many new things, we update and upgrade our trading platform INFINI POWER constantly, to offer exciting trading experience. In line with this, we introduce the following updates in INFINI POWER.

Highlighting high and low

If the stock is trading at intra-day high, the symbol row in watch list will be highlighted in Green and it will be highlighted in red if the stock is trading at intra-day low. By this, traders get to know the stocks that have gained or lost during the day just by watching the watch list.

Highlighting High Low Updates to INFINI POWER

MCX Commodities previous open price

Now previous day’s open price can be viewed in MCX commodities futures watch list. This facility helps traders to keep track of the contracts that are trading higher than previous day’s open.

Previous Open Updates to INFINI POWER

Saving of last filter option in order book

The last filter option you have done in order book will be auto saved for your next use removing the hassles of setting the preferred option again.

Default square off option enabled in Net Position window

In net position window “Square off at market price” and “Square off entire quantity” options are enabled as default and you can just click the option “Square off all” in case you want to square off.

Net Position square off Updates to INFINI POWER

Chart – Bollinger Band default value set to 20

In chart the period in Bollinger Band is set to 20 as default.

Bollinger Band 20 Updates to INFINI POWER

Chart – Colour of the volume Bar

In chart, the colour of the volume bar will reflect the increase or decrease in volume. If the volume is increased the colour of the volume bar will be green and fall in volume will be shown in red.

Volume colour Updates to INFINI POWER

Chart – Display of cross hair price values

The colour of the cross hair price value is changed to white so as to be visible even on a black colour theme watch list.

Cross Hair Price Updates to INFINI POWER

Chart – Horizontal line can be moved by entering price level

In charts, horizontal line can be moved to the desired price level by entering the price. The price can be entered by right clicking at the horizontal line and select “move horizontal line” and enter the price.

Horizontal line move Updates to INFINI POWER

Chart – In RSI over bought and over sold values can be specified along with colour and line style

Now traders can specify the over sold and over bought values in the indicator “Relative Strength Index (RSI)”. Also line style and colour can be changed as per their preference.

OverBought OverSold Updates to INFINI POWER

If you have not yet subscribed to INFINI POWER contact 044-39189483 or email to infini@tradeplusonline.com.

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Happy Trading

ITS Team


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