Updates to INFINI Platform!

Infini u Updates to INFINI Platform!

Dear Infini Users,

In a constant endeavor to improvise our trading platform, we have made few changes recently. These changes are listed below for your easy reference. We trust, these will make your trading experience even better.

Changes made

a) Easy access to Quantity Alert in the Market Watch

b) Lighter View of the Login Screen

c) Auto Login after PIN entry

d) Easy identification of Available funds for trading

Easy access to Quantity Alert in the Market Watch

As a user you would by default be viewing Market Watch at all times to capture the movement of stocks. You might not like to navigate from Market Watch window to Holdings window each time you want to know the number of stocks you hold. To ease your navigation, we have provided your holding quantity in a particular stock at the left side of the stock name in the Market watch. This will help you to know the quantity of stocks you hold in the Market Watch page itself.

qty Updates to INFINI Platform!

Lighter View of the Login Screen in Mobile App

The look of the Login screen is modified to make it much lighter than what it was. It just carries few basic details and larger space is provided to enter User Id and the Password.

login Updates to INFINI Platform!

Auto Login after PIN entry in Mobile App

As you are aware, we recently replaced the security questions with a PIN verification mode. In the earlier version, you had to touch or click on ‘Submit’ button after you enter the PIN. We have now skipped the ‘Submit’ process as the screen automatically starts login process. This will help you login faster.

WhatsApp Image 2020 02 12 at 6.21.19 PM Updates to INFINI Platform!

Easy identification of Available funds for trading

The funds available at any point of time for trading is one of the most important data for a Trader. For easy identification of this detail, we have replaced ‘Net Cash’ with ‘Available Balance’ under Portfolio – Balance menu in mobile and Under Rupee symbol in the web version.

Mobile view

www Updates to INFINI Platform!


Web Version View

Funds 1 Updates to INFINI Platform!

We hope these modifications will help you move a step ahead for better User experience. We will connect with you soon with more improvisation.

Happy Trading


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