It is our constant endeavor to keep updating our EXE based trading system based on the feedback received from the users. This only makes the system more and more amazing to work with.

General updates:

1.All market T&S FilterDay  high/low price and date included
2.Top stocksDay high & low columns included
3.Indices mapHigh/low columns included
4.Sector mapHigh/low columns included
5.Window positions persistenceAll window cover
6.Market MeterEmpty Combo issue fixed
7.Scrip searchMultiple pop-ups are converted into single pop-up
8.Total Volume colorChanged to make it visible in both light and  dark themes
9..Options chain windowAdded a light blue background color for strike price
10.Time & Sales SummaryEnabled OHLCV
11.VWAP indicatorMade it into overlay
12.Future Spread and Roll overAdded to watch list of title bar applicable for all symbol in the watch list
13.Index MapAdded in Index panel

Trading related updates:

1.Order book windowSplit window to show pending order and all other order separately
2.All order related windowsGlobal fonts settings will be reflect
3.F 11Today’s position filter fix
4.Bulk block and announcement windowFunction key F1/F2 enabled

You may be aware that INFINI Power is the only Trading platform that combines fundamentals and technical information to provide useful insights to Traders and investors. It is the most comprehensive, feature rich and intuitive market Information, analytics and Trading Platform

INFINI Power comes as part of INFINI Trading Solutions which include INFINI WEB for HTML based trading and Tradeplus Mobile for Mobile based Trading.

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