Stock alerts on the cloud

alive 2 Stock alerts on the cloud

ALIVE, our smart alert system is here to help you stay on top of the markets. You don’t have to be hooked to your Trading Terminal anymore. You don’t need anymore a Dealer or a Relationship Manager to alert you on Market Opportunities. ALIVE will send you an alert if there is a movement of over 5%  on a single day in the stocks held in your Demat Account with Tradeplus. There is absolutely no cost to this alert.

You can further set your own custom alerts on ALIVE and be notified on your Mobile when they get triggered. You can set over 25 event and price based alerts on each stock by just logging into the ALIVE page using your registered mobile number.

We have integrated ALIVE in our INFINI WEB as well to enable you set an alert from your Market watch.

Alive snapshot Stock alerts on the cloud


Email if you don’t have access to INFINI WEB.

Here are few FAQs for you to know more about ALIVE.

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