Presenting INFINI POWER – EXE based Trading and Analytics Platform

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INFINI POWER is our in-house desktop trading application developed with the OMS/RMS of Omnesys (now Thomson Reuters).


When we launched our Discount Brokerage services in the year 2015, traders found our brokerage plan amazingly low and the response from them was overwhelming and encouraging. We have been offering NOW for trading in Equity, F&O and Currency in NSE while we offered NEST Trader of Omnesys for Commodity Trading in MCX.  We started getting huge feedback on the following points:

  • Need for an integrated platform to trade both in Equity (NSE/BSE) and Commodity (MCX)
  • Need for Web and Mobile Trading Platform for Commodity Trading. Currently, we offer only NEST Trader EXE
  • Need for an intuitive Trading System with better Trading and Charting Tools

Through the launch of INFINI Trading Solutions, we have addressed all the above needs of the traders. INFINI POWER which is our EXE based trading platform comes to you as a package with Web based (INFINI WEB) and mobile (TRADEPLUS Mobile) based trading platforms.

INFINI POWER was being used by our clients as a view terminal for Market  Analytics and Research purposes. Many of our clients are subscribers to this product even without the Trading facility for a nominal fee of Rs.499/- per month. These clients value INFINI POWER as an Analytical Platform. They are now delighted to see Trading utilities enabled in INFINI POWER. Until now they have been passionately using INFINI POWER to make their investment/trading decisions and then use NOW or NEST Trader execute the orders. Now that INFINI Power is enabled to execute trades, clients find it very helpful to use INFINI POWER for all their trading needs. We take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our clients who has been part of the BETA testing for migrating INFINI POWER to a Trading Platform.

We have partnered with Omnesys (Thomson Reuters) to integrate our new In-house Trading Front end (INFINI POWER) with their Order Management System (OMS) and Risk Management System (RMS).

With regard to the pricing, as mentioned earlier in this article, we already have many subscribers for the Analytical Platform. We decided not to increase the pricing of Rs.499/- per month with the enabling of the Trading facility in the system. In addition to this monthly plan, we have introduced half-yearly and annual plans. Half yearly plan will cost you Rs.333/- per month while the Annual plan will cost you just Rs.249/- per month. For this pricing, you get the complete package of INFINI TRADING SOLUTIONS which include INFINI POWER (EXE), INFINIWEB(Browser) and TRADEPLUS Mobile ( Mobile).

Why subscribe to INFINI POWER?

Here’s why you should switch to INFINI POWER for trading from your existing trading platform – NOW

We will talk about the additional features offered by INFINI POWER which will encourage you to subscribe and avail all its benefits. We have a best in the class user interface which is configurable to your requirements.

INFINI POWER is the unique trading platform which combines fundamental and technical information to provide useful insights. We have it integrated with all exchanges – NSE, BSE and MCX and combined trading for all instrument types – equity, equity derivatives, commodity, and currency.

Trading Made Refreshingly Easy Presenting INFINI POWER   EXE based Trading and Analytics Platform

Trading made refreshingly easy

  • Quick buy and sell
  • Stop Loss Market and Limit Orders
  • Cover Order- Limit and Market
  • Easy position tracking, modification, square off and product conversions.
  • Convenient order modification and cancellation
  • Online tracking of limits, withdrawal and adding of funds
  • Direct access MF and IPO systems
  • User preference setting for a customized trading experience

Advanced Charting Platform

  • Super fast Charting for Live and historic data
  • Large amount of backfill data for intraday and historic charts
  • Compare one scrip chart with other scrip or index chart
  • More than 70 built-in technical indicators
  • Over 20 drawing tools for annotation
  • Trade directly off charts within clicks.
  • Workspace with multi time frame charts
  • Save chart templates for future use
  • View chart for all scrips in your watchlist within one click

Most Advanced Charting Platform Presenting INFINI POWER   EXE based Trading and Analytics Platform

 Tools for research analysts on INFINI POWER

  • Scanning tools like live scanner to identify market opportunities as it happens
  • Trend scanner to identify the trends you like to track
  • Intra-day recovery and fall scanner
  • Create your own opportunity finder using fundamental and technical information
  • Unusual volume and delivery scanner
  • Data visualization tools like heat Maps, Market Dynamics, Market Meter

Tools that research Analysts use Presenting INFINI POWER   EXE based Trading and Analytics Platform

Powerful Futures and Options Data Analyzer

  • Scanning tools to scan derivatives in Equity, Currency, and Commodities
  • Trend scanner to scan contracts for open interest and put-call ratios
  • Live Roll over and spread data for arbitrage opportunities
  • Option premium analyzer and option calculator
  • Option chain data

Powerful futures and options Data analyzer Presenting INFINI POWER   EXE based Trading and Analytics Platform

Right Click Menu Scrip Functions

The right click menu functionality provides you utmost ease in doing all things you need with the click of a button. You don’t have to remember shortcut keys for often used buttons. The right click menu is designed for easy and quick trading and analytics.

Right Click Menu Script Functions Presenting INFINI POWER   EXE based Trading and Analytics Platform

More Features

  • You can find Business news, world market data, announcements and flash trading data on a single platform
  • More than 25 End of the day based data reports providing intelligent insight for traders and investors alike
  • More than 10 pre-defined workspaces and facility to customize your own workspace. Workspace is floating and can be popped up to support multi-monitor trading
  • Over 30 pre-defined index watch lists,
  • More than 20 pre-defined sector specific watch lists and group watch lists
  • Excel integration of watch list to support micro writing for creating your own trading strategies

Click here for INFINI POWER Installation Help

To know how to use INFINI POWER view our tutorials on our YouTube channel ‘INFINI Trading Solution’

Click on the link for English Tutorial

Click on the link for Hindi Tutorial

To subscribe just email us to [email protected] or call us on 044 39189417

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