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Dear Infini Power Users,

We are making INFINI Power , our EXE based online trading platform more and more interesting. Here are some of the new features added in Infini Power.

Live scanner for your watch list

We have introduced the live scanner feature for your watch list too.  Now with this feature you can view the high and lows recorded by your favourite stocks that are in your watch list  Below is the image that shows the pop window with the option to select your watch list.

Live scanner watchlist 2 Infini Power Update

Option chain filter

Under option chain you can now filter for call options and put options. This feature helps you to quickly and easily spot the contract you are looking for thus saving time.

Opton chain filter 1 Infini Power Update

Order confirmation beep

Facility to set beep sound as alert once an order is executed ensures that you don’t miss any trades in your account even for a moment. This option can be enabled in the preference window.

Order beep sound 2 Infini Power Update


Third level of support and resistance is introduced on charts to help traders. It comes up as default when you click “show RS levels” on the left side panel of the chart.

Third level Res and Supp Infini Power Update

Login page

This change has been done based on the popular feedback given by our clients. While you login, the feature to show the percentage loaded is introduced in progress bar as shown in below image.

ITS login percentage 2 Infini Power Update


Have you not subscribed to INFINI POWER yet?

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Happy Trading

ITS Team

zero brokerage 2 Infini Power Update


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