e-CAS – A Statement To Reckon With!

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Many of us ignore emails we receive regularly from various service providers, be it a statement of accounts or any other reports which turn out to be an important document that has to be checked by us. One such report is the “e-Consolidated Account Statement (e-CAS)” sent by depositories NSDL and CDSL. NSDL started to send an e-consolidated account statement (e-CAS) as per SEBI guidelines that were issued pursuant to the interim budget announcement in 2014.

e-Consolidated Account Statement (e-CAS) is a single account statement that consists of holdings and transactions in the investors’ Demat account or accounts held with both NSDL and CDSL as well as mutual fund units held in physical form as a statement of account. Suppose you have multiple Demat accounts with both NSDL and CDSL depository participants, in that case, the first account with whom you opened will send the e-CAS. If you had opened your first Demat account with NSDL member then NSDL will consolidate all the holdings with NSDL, CDSL and physical holdings of mutual fund units and will mail it to you. Further, your investments in other asset classes such as post office savings, bonds Government securities, etc which you hold in your Demat account will be reflected in the e-CAS.

As per SEBI guidelines, e-CAS should be sent to the investors in the next month if there are any transactions in the previous month across all Demat accounts and mutual fund folios. In case there is no transaction in any of the accounts in any month of the year, e-CAS will be sent with holdings details on a half-yearly basis.

Features and Benefits of e- CAS

  • One single record of all your investments including insurance policies if you are holding it in the e-insurance account (eIA) with NSDL National Insurance Repository (NIR).
  • Asset class wise classification of investment
  • Transaction statement of equities in Demat and mutual funds
  • Graphical presentation of investment across various categories
  • Demat account and folio wise classification of investment
  • The total value of investments in Demat and mutual fund folios

The primary objective of e-CAS is to present one record of each individual’s investment across all asset classes in one single document. This saves time and effort and enables the investor to track and analyze the investments with ease. Moreover, it is presented in such a way that investors with just a glance can understand the portfolio value and status and take quick decisions with regard to shuffling of the portfolio if necessary.

Other salient features of CAS

If you have a Demat account with more than one depository participant then the summary of the consolidated statement of investment shows you the total of investment value separately under different Demat accounts as shown in the below image.

Consolidated summary e CAS – A Statement To Reckon With!

The total portfolio composition is classified under different asset classes and presented both numerically and graphically as it is in the below image. This helps you to re-allocate the investment into various asset classes as per your objective.

Asset class e CAS – A Statement To Reckon With!

For the investors who want to study the trend of their portfolio performance, month-wise portfolio value with MoM increase/decrease is provided as part of the statement. It is presented both in figures and graphically.

Monthwise e CAS – A Statement To Reckon With!

Normally, mutual fund investors who have invested in the regular plan will not have a track of the money that goes into distributor commission. With e-CAS, an investor can check how much he/she is paying for the distributor as commission separately for each scheme they are invested in. This helps them to understand the cost and make wise decision to cut down the cost. The statement also provides the total expense ratio for each mutual fund scheme so that you can compare and check the cost of investment in each scheme.

Expense ratio e CAS – A Statement To Reckon With!

You can check the demographic details of all your Demat accounts and mutual fund folios and update it if it lacks anything such as registering a nominee etc. Demographic details are given separately for each Demat account and folios.

Demographic e CAS – A Statement To Reckon With!


e-CAS serves as an excellent tool for tracking and managing the investment portfolio with ease and comfort and it also helps us to track unauthorized transactions if any that takes place in our account. So, investors DO TAKE TIME TO CHECK THE e-CAS not only to manage your portfolio effectively but also to ward off any risk that arises out of fraudulence acts.


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