Availing Margin Trade Funding Simplified

MTF blog banner Availing Margin Trade Funding Simplified

We are one of the very few Discount Brokers in India to offer Margin Trade Funding (MTF) facility. We had launched the Funding facility for Equity investments in the year, 2018.

Activation of MTF is now made simple. All you have to do is go to the “Funding page on our website and click on the ‘Activate Now’ button.

So what is Margin Trade Funding (MTF)?

  • Margin Trading is buying stocks by partly putting in one’s own money and the rest being funded by the broker
  • Carry delivery positions, by paying only a small percentage of the security’s value known as margin amount. Tradeplus will fund the balance amount. Interest will be charged on the funded amount.
  • Margin can be paid in the form of cash or approved stocks.

How is MTF beneficial?

  • You can hold on to your equity delivery positions for long periods of time and avoid auto square off on T+5 days.
  • Make better use of stocks lying idle in your DP account by giving them as margins.
  • You can get upto 75% funding of your margins. View Margins
  • The ability to invest more while having limited cash on hand enables you to take timely advantage of market opportunities
  • As MTF gives you more buying power, you can spread the portfolio across a variety of shares and securities. As a result of this diversification, your portfolio investment risk gets reduced.

Click here to know more and activate Margin Trade Funding facility for your account.

If you are NEW to Tradeplus click here to open an account.


Cheers, Tradeplus Team.


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