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Government increases MSP. What could be its impact on Inflation and how is this expected to be handled?

When the government increased the MSP on Kharif crops in the Union Budget to 150% of the production cost, which was the right step towards doubling of farmer incomes by 2022 as promised by the current government. However, the farmer issues refused to die down leading to a major farmer agitation in early September. With

INFINI Mobile and INFINI Web, now free for Commodity Trading

Dear Valued Client, We bloomed into discount broking industry 2 years ago with ‘Zero Brokerage Plans’ which was attributed as the lowest in the industry. As our Brokerage Plans were lower, we decided to make mobile trading in Commodity segment as ‘Subscription based’. While our clients have been really appreciative of our brokerage plans and services,

Can a Foreigner invest in Indian Stock market, if so, is it easy and worthy?

SEBI recently permitted Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs) to invest in India without too many regulatory restrictions. The RBI has further allowed QFIs to invest up to $ 1 billion in the corporate bond market and debt schemes of mutual funds without any lock-in period. Earlier only FIIs, their sub-accounts, and NRIs were allowed to directly