Debt ETFs – A Great Idea

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) issued its draft norms for debt ETFs (exchange traded funds) on 29th November. This set the tone for the introduction of passive debt funds in India. Passive equity funds in the form of index funds and index ETFs are quite popular. What was missing from the palate

G-Sec ETF vs Gilt Funds

Gilt edged securities are those low risk securities issued by the government of a country. In India, the government issues securities of various maturities to raise money for their development agenda. What should investors prefer since direct investment in G-Secs can be quite complicated and institutional. There are two options to participate in government securities;

ETF vs Index Funds

Comparing index mutual fund and ETF is similar to apple versus apple comparison. We shall compare index mutual funds and ETFs since both are essentially passive strategies to invest in the markets. But what exactly is passive investing? As the name suggests, the very purpose of passive investing is to remain passive and just mirror.