Updates To Infini Power

Dear Infini Power Users, This month we have focused on your comfort and simplified Infini Power further to provide more convenience for you. And we have also fixed some bugs. Here is the overview of what we have done! Highligting the MTM values For clear and instant visibility, MTM values in Net position will be

Updates To Infini Web

  Dear Infini Web Users, We’ve introduced a range of new features to Infini Web as well. Value added tools such as margin calculator and much more. The list goes like this! Margin calculator We have added a new menu “Margin Calculator” and linked it to the margin calculator available in our website tradeplusonline.com. This

ETF vs Index Funds

Comparing index mutual fund and ETF is similar to apple versus apple comparison. We shall compare index mutual funds and ETFs since both are essentially passive strategies to invest in the markets. But what exactly is passive investing? As the name suggests, the very purpose of passive investing is to remain passive and just mirror.

How to exit a stock at right time?

It is said that entering a stock is a science but exiting the stock is an art. How do you develop the art of exiting the wrong stock at the right time. There could be many reasons for exiting like overvaluation, unfavourable markets, company specific negative inputs, rich valuations, industry level factors etc. But the