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Dear INFINI POWER users, We are always delighted in doing something NEW. Among many new things, we update and upgrade our trading platform INFINI POWER constantly, to offer exciting trading experience. In line with this, we introduce the following updates in INFINI POWER. Highlighting high and low If the stock is trading at intra-day high,

Here are some important updates in INFINI Power

The Most Comprehensive, Feature Rich and Intuitive Market Information, Analytics And Trading Platform Set Order Value in Preferences: Setting of default order quantity in the Order form is a commonly used user preference. We have now introduced preference setting for Order Value by which order quantity in the Order form will be calculated @ Order Value

Cover Order with limit price

Cover order allows you to place buy and sell orders for the same scrip, simultaneously. INFINI Power now enables you to place the first leg order as Market Order or Limit Order. The second leg order is a Stop Loss Order. Since the Stop Loss Order is placed simultaneously, while taking a position, the risk