Margin Trade Funding enabled in INFINI POWER

We are one of the few brokers in India to introduce Margin Trade Funding (MTF) for Equity Delivery Trades. MTF enables you to carry your equity delivery positions beyond 7 days by making a partial payment.  The advantage of availing this product at Tradeplus is that the partial payment can either be in Cash or

Cross Currency Pairs…

Earlier this year, SEBI permitted the trading of cross currency pairs on the stock exchanges. Cross currency pairs are basically pairs of currency in which the Indian Rupee (INR) is not involved. So you can have cross currency pairs between Dollar/Euro, Dollar/Pound and Dollar/Yen etc. Let us first understand how a currency pair is traded

New Order Placing Mode for NRO clients

Greetings!! We hope you enjoy the recent relaxation made in NRO trades by Tradeplus. We are sure that it would have helped you execute trades in a simplified manner and opened up more opportunities beyond imagination. To bring more benefits in practice, we have made a slight modification in our trading platform and this will be effective

What special benefits do NRIs get at Tradeplus?

There are plenty of benefits extended to NRI clients at Tradeplus when they trade in NRO mode. They are No PIS bank account is required to trade Get Exposure and leverage Facility to execute BTST (Buy Today and Sell Tomorrow) and Intraday Trades Facility to buy in NSE with stock collateral and hold it for

Cover Order with limit price

Cover order allows you to place buy and sell orders for the same scrip, simultaneously. INFINI Power now enables you to place the first leg order as Market Order or Limit Order. The second leg order is a Stop Loss Order. Since the Stop Loss Order is placed simultaneously, while taking a position, the risk

How to Save Taxes in India by Investment

Save Tax by Planned Investments Every individual citizen who earns a salary or even is a non-salaried entrepreneur, he/she is liable to tax. There is never a season to plan on saving tax by investing right and tax planning right at the end of the financial year. It is always wise to know and prepare