Why is filing returns in India very important for NRIs?

Most Non-Resident Indians have bank accounts or investments in Indian banks and are required to file tax returns. Filing returns are not only a legal obligation on us, it also gives a clean chit of our financial transaction in the country. Unlike Resident transactions, NRI investments in India are subject to TDS. Hence, when an

Tradeplus Version 2.0 Launch

Tradeplus launches a series of new products as Version 2 of its Broking services. Tradeplus was originally launched in the year  2014 as online brand of Navia Markets Ltd when it forayed into Discount Broking by introducing  Zero Brokerage Plans @ flat fee of Rs.99/-. These brokerage plans are arguably the lowest in the industry.

Market Watch On INFINI Web

Unique online trading platform INIFIN WEB platform offers unique market watch features that serve investors better. This online trading platform gives you the option to maintain 5 different watch lists-CM, W1, W2, W3 and W4. Each watch list can take up to 20 scrips except the common market watchlist. Common Market Watchlist It is a


It is our constant endeavor to keep updating our EXE based trading system based on the feedback received from the users. This only makes the system more and more amazing to work with. General updates: # Futures Changes 1. All market T&S Filter Day  high/low price and date included 2. Top stocks Day high &

What Is Expense Ratio In Mutual Funds?

You come across the word expense ratio every time you read about mutual funds. Ever wondered how it works? Here is what it is: Expense ratios a portion of your invested money that goes into managing your fund. These expenses include fund management fee, expenses incurred on selling and marketing, fees paid to the registrar and

How To Invest In Mutual Funds Online Using Tradeplus?

Tradeplus has revolutionized the way you invest in Mutual funds. Offering you an option to invest in DIRECT mode where you pay zero commissions and add almost 1% per anum to your returns. Our Web and Mobile MF investment platform offers Flexi SIP, NRI Mutual Fund investment, Conditional orders and complete portfolio reports. There are

How Direct Mutual Funds Is Way Better Than Regular Plans?

Mutual funds? A mutual fund is an investment plan which is created by funds collected from various investors for investing in securities like bonds, stocks, money market instruments and similar assets. What are direct mutual funds? Sharing of profits to your stock brokers is not required in direct mutual funds. Direct mutual funds removes the