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Dear Infini Web Users,

We present to you a new set of updates that have been done to the Infini Web. This time round the updates is in the order form and market breadth. These changes have been done based on the popular feedback received from the users.

Bracket Order Form

The “Buy” and “Sell” buttons which were in the middle of the order form in Bracket Order are brought down and placed at the bottom of the order form as shown in the below screenshot. Now you can validate all the input figures before pressing the ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ button at the bottom of the Order form.

New BO form 26122019 Updates to Infini Web

Market Breadth

We have introduced “Total Bids” and “Total Ask” in percentages in addition to absolute figures. This feature will help the traders to get a grasp of the demand and supply of a given stock in no time before punching the trade.

Check below a screenshot that explains this new feature.

Bid and Ask percentage Updates to Infini Web

Stay tuned for more updates…….

Check the latest updates in Infini Mobile App here….

Please do email to [email protected] for any assistance/clarification on the ITS platforms.

Happy Trading



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